ISTQB Certified Software Test Engineer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ISTQB foundation level chapter wise weightage

ISTQB FL contains 6 chapters and among these 6 chapters ISTQB has given weightage.

1.Fundmentals of testing -7 bits
2.Testing throught out the life cycle-6 bits
3.Static analysis-3 bits
4.Dynamic test design techniques-12
5.TestManagement-8 bits
6.Tools for test design -4bitsing

U can clear the exam if u prepare 4,5,1 chapters.
Dont neglect 4 th chapter its an easy chapter,U can expect 3 questions from black box design techniques like
1.Equvialence Partitoning
3.Decision table
3 Questions from Whitebox techniwues like
1.Statement coverage
2.Path coverage
3.Branch decision coverage
Any doubts regarding these feel free to contact me

Selenium a Functional Testing tool

I think u already heard about a testing tool called "Selenium" from "Thought Works".A good tool consisting of three major components
1. Selenium IDE
2.Selenium Remote Control(RC)
3.Selenium Grid

A good tool used for regression testing.
The options provided by IDE are very flexible and make testers job easy while testing.
Refer the link for more details on selenium.

Download the 3 components from the downloads tab and go through the Documentation,then selenium is in ur hands.