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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Installing Perl Plugin in Eclipse IDE

1.Open Eclipse ide. In menu bar we will find a tab called "Help"

2.In Help menu we will find a sub-menu called "Software updates".
3.In software updates we will find the "find and install" sub-menu.
4.Click on find and install.

5.Select the Radio button "Serach for new features to install" and click on next.

6.Click on New Remote site button which is present on the right side of the opened window.
7.Give the Name and update site url details in the popup that was opened and click on OK.
Name:"Some thing related to u r project"
URL: version of the plugin version of the plugin.

8.The Name we have given should appear in update sites visit.

9.Check the check box before the name which we have given

10.Click on finish.
11.Update manager will run and the plug-in will be installed in eclipse.
12.Now restart the eclipse ide once the plug-in installed.
13.After the eclipse ide started,open Navigator,Click on NEWthen click on Other

13."New" windows will be opened and there we will find "Perl"folder.

14.Click on perl and create a new project or file according to the requirement.

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