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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handling download popup usin selenium

Handling popups in web applications was not supported by many of the automation tools.Selenium is an open source tool which is supporting this feature.
However selenium is capable to handle only the HTML popups.There are some other popups called "Windows popups" example download popups, which are related to OS.These download popups are not handled by the selenium.
We need to use a tool called "autoit" to handle this popups.

Download the autoit exe from auto it site and pass the name of the exe as an argumnet.

If u r using java call this using execute method.
if u r using perl call this using system function


  1. Can you pls elaborate on how to use AutoIt with Selenium? Are there any good websites available in support of this?

  2. hi,In my application have download pdf or CSV format. When I click download button pop up has given as save or open . But I can't record that pop up using selenium u have any example for solve this problem??please send me.