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Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Block a website access in your machine

How can we block access to Orkut in our machine?Even if we are trying to access ,it should not open...

This is a doubt and order from one of my friends.So I have to answer him,googled and found a solution for this .Blocked orkut in my laptop.

Here is the solution

we will find a file called hosts.

Open this file with notepad.Just append this line at the end of file (domain name or url u want to block)

for example

Open any of the browsers and try to access orkut now,it will show oops the site u r trying to access is wrong(Not exactly this message,some kind of message like this)

It will work only if we access the site using domain name.If we are using ip this technique will not work.

Again if you want to give access to the blocked site just remove the added entry in hosts file.

Brb.... :)

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