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Monday, February 6, 2012

WebDriver Backed Selenium---Selenium RC Integrated with WebDriver

Selenium Launched its version2 and they named it as Webdriver.The working and api of this webdriver is quite simple when compared with the Selenium RC which is implemented on JavaSCript and whose api is quite complex.

Many people started working in RC and they are getting familiar with this api, Thought works released their version 2 suddenly which is different from their version 1 .This makes the selenium testers a bit confusion.

Later in their second version they integrated Selenium RC api and they named it as Webdriver backed selenuim,using which testers can write their Test cases using RC as well as Webdriver apis.


  1. Hi Raghavendra..ur blog has been extremely helpful to me!!Especially the selenium webdriver related stuff..great job!!
    I have one question about selenium WebDriver which i hope you will answer..
    In selenium RC with the help of LoggingDefaultSelenium object v can get a html page that lists all the steps selenium performs on the webpage it possible to obtain a similar html page using webdriver..Hope u will answer as soon as possible..

    1. Karthik,Can you give me an example log....we have many methods in webdriver to get log details,if you send me an example log I will work....

    2. Hi Raghavendra..Thanks for ur response..I wanted to know how v can obtain the .html ,file that contains the step by step execution of commands, which we can get in logging selenium in webdriver backed selenium.Id love to post an example but im afraid my can't right know due to my company's strict confidentiality rules..Hope u can help

    3. Please share some example regarding loggin selenium,so that I can help :)

  2. can Implement the same using Log4j in webdriver