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Friday, October 25, 2013

Seleniumr-Handling Unexpected Popups

Some times When we are doing automation using Selenium , sometimes unexpected popups/alert message will appear on the screen.An automation engineer doesn't have a code to handle this when it is unexpected (since it is inconsistent),this leads to script failure.
In Selenium there is way to handle these unexpected alert/popup messages in the following way.
When ever we have unexpected popup/alert appears in the application,it throws an unhandled alert exception and script will fail. So We have to handle this unhandled alert exception in our test method and then we need to switch to the original content.

public void googleTest(){
catch(UnHandledAlertException e){

The above test method explains about handling unexpected popups.
When ever we have an UnHandlerdAlertException,catch that excption,switch to alert and accept that alert.
Then Switch to Default Content means the original Content.


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