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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Webdriver reporting for Selenide Test Cases

Selenide is one of the functional automation testing frameworks developed on top of Selenium-Webdriver with a concise UI testing approach.
Selenide is developed on top of Selenium-Webdriver Java bindings,the test cases designing using selenide will follow Page-Object design pattern which is most widely used pattern for selenium automation.
Most of us use Selenium-WebDriver reporting which is one of the good reporting frameworks developed by vorburger for generating test reports for Selenium-Webdriver test cases,if we use JUnit as an unit testing framework.
This reporting is dependent on the Webdriver initation during our test suite execution,but in selenide we don't initate or quit a browser since the selenide framework handles that automatically.Integrating webdriver reporting framework to selenide test cases needs a simple configuration,so that reports will be automatically generated after this configuration.
You can find the code in my github page ,which contains test cases for selenium site automation developed using page object pattern


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